About Us

TORQADORN™, as a name, is a thoughtful reflection of what the brand stands for. A strategic amalgamation of two common words, [“TORQ”(ue); a turning force/power + “ADORN”; to wear], TORQADORN™ exudes every ounce of “Power Dressing” as we know it by creating designs which mirror the essence of the young, confident & independent woman of today.

Torqadorn is a first of its kind luxury prêt-à-couture label aiming to bring out the perfect blend of “ready to wear “& “couture” elements into each of its ensembles.

Our collections are an enchantingly compelling chronicle of a young woman who is fearless in her varied pursuits while also being proud of the on-going journey of finding herself. She is someone who wants to experience luxury silhouettes in their most contemporary & authentic form, painting the canvas of her life adorning pieces that accentuate her own trademark personality.

An exemplification of exceptional precision & unprecedented achievement; a hybrid between classic silhouettes & modern tailoring along with creative surface ornamentation techniques, our collections are nothing short of a visual rendering of hopes & dreams.

TORQADORN™’s futuroligistic approach to design has resulted in a repertoire of ensembles injected with elements of art, people & culture garnered from creative spaces in far flung places that take it a notch above.